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Private Swim Lessons for Kids in Pompano Beach

Does your little one know their way around your home pool? Would they know how to react if they were to slip and fall in? Florida Swim Company instructors will design an escape route, customized to your pool, so your child will know what to do if a fall were to occur. Water safety is SO important; Especially with your adventurous mini-me running around! From basic water safety and stroke refinement classes to water aerobics and mommy and me classes, Florida Swim Company has the swim program your child needs to be confident in and around the water!

Do you have a busy schedule? No sweat. We work with your schedule to make finding swim lessons for your child as easy as possible. Do you work a 9-5 job? No problem! We offer lessons from 8 AM to 8 PM.

Florida Swim Company is dedicated to teaching your youngster how to swim, and fast! Our one-on-one lessons ensure your child is focused and retaining important swim techniques. In addition to keeping your child in the zone, we also make swimming FUN! Our instructors design lively routines that never get boring, incorporating fun dive toys and colorful kick boards! A passion to teach and connect with the student reigns true throughout all of our amazing instructors!

Our knowledgeable instructors are qualified with CPR/first aid, AED, life guard, WSI, and CPO certifications through the American Red Cross. Our main priority is to keep you and your child safe around the water!

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Private Swim Lessons for Kids in Pompano Beach

Click on your child’s age group to read more about the different types of swimming skills we teach:

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Private Swim Lessons for Adults in Pompano Beach

Florida Swim Company offers 3 different swim lessons for adults, based on the type of swimming goals you desire. Adult Swim Lessons are designed for beginners. Stroke Refinement & Coaching are for our intermediate to advanced swimmers. We also offer Private Water Aerobics Instructors who will come to your home pool for a personalized water exercise class.

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Private Lessons for Special Needs Students in Pompano Beach

Florida Swim Company offers swim lessons for those with special needs and disabilities. Many of our instructors are highly trained to work with students on the autism spectrum, those with sensory challenges, and physical limitations.

Special Needs Swim Lessons


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Top 10 Water Safety Tips

Via National Drowning Prevention Association

  1. Always supervise children in and around the water
  2. Never swim alone
  3. Don’t dive or jump into water that you can’t see through
  4. Never turn your back to the ocean
  5. Don’t depend on floating toys to keep you safe
  6. Children and non-swimmers should always wear life jackets in open water
  7. Don’t prolong the time you hold your breath underwater
  8. Swim only in designated swim areas
  9. Don’t leave toys or other floatables in an unsupervised pool

Private, in-home swim lessons are available in Pompano Beach and surrounding cities, including: