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Parent & Baby Swimming Lessons – Ages 6 to 24 months

Florida Swim Company offers a variety of private and semi-private, infant swimming lessons. Your private, swim teacher will come to your home or community pool to teach either a "Mommy & Me" style type swim class or an Instructor & Infant swim class. Classes are offered in a one-on-one, private setting or, if you have friends with infants, you may invite them to do a group class with you and your child.

Parent & Baby ("Mommy & Me/Daddy & Me")

You get to join the swimming instructor in the water with your child and assist in teaching your little one aquatic skills. This is a more laid back approach to swim lessons using toys, games, songs and fun activities to introduce your baby to the water. This is a great option for groups of parent/baby pairs or a single parent/baby pair. Up to 4 parent/baby pairs may be in 1 class with the instructor. Swimming instructors will introduce the following skills to the infants:

  • "Monkey Walking" on the Pool Walls
  • Bubble Blowing & Voluntary Submerging
  • Back Floats & Front Floats with Support
  • Swimming on Front & Back with/without Support

Instructor & Infant Swimming Lesson

If you prefer to stay out of the water, these swimming lessons are for you! Instructor will teach the following skills to infants

  • Entering & Exiting the Pool Safely / Introduction to “Monkey Walking” Pool Walls
  • Blowing Bubbles and Submerging
  • Back Floats & Front Floats with Support
  • Changing Direction with Support
  • Swimming on the Front with and without Support
  • Swimming on the Back with and without Support

Aquatic readiness is based on developmental age, maturity and previous aquatic experience. Aquatic skills parallel land-based readiness – as muscular control improves, so will paddling and kicking skills.





Tips for Baby Swim Lessons - Practice, Practice, Practice!

  • KEEP POOL TIME FUN  When in the pool outside of lessons, practice skills and cues with infant in-between fun activities. Children are more willing to participate when in good mood. Experiment with toys, songs, and games to see what your child responds best to.
  • TEMPERATURE  The warmer the child the better. Water temperature is always important in swim lessons, but because infants make less movement than children, keeping the water well above 82 degrees Fahrenheit will promote better moods. Rash guards (swim shirts) are another excellent way to help keep infants comfortable in the water.
  • POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT  We ask that if parents are present for swim lessons, reward positive behaviors. Every time a child performs a skill correctly, it's a HUGE deal and should be praised. If a child does not perform the skill correctly, we simply don't respond and try again. We highly discourage any negative remarks before, during or after a child's swim lesson.
  • BE PATIENT  Learning to swim is not different for a baby than learning how to walk or sleep. Sometimes they will regress and this is completely normal! They will learn how to swim and there is no set amount of time it will take.

**We also offer Parent & Me parties, as a one-time class at a pool party setting.

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