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Private, Mobile Swim Lessons Available in Palm Beach Gardens, FL!

Swimming is a great, life-long skill to obtain and in some situations could save your life! Florida Swim Company offers mobile swim lessons that come to you on your time! Our certified and background checked instructors come to your home pool to teach private swim lessons to your or your children. Are group classes just not working for you? We can help! Whether you’re just beginning or already know your way around a pool, we can help start or continue your swim journey. Basic water safety is offered for first-time students, just starting their water quest. Stroke refinement classes are offered for the more experienced swimmer, that just wants to improve the efficiency of their swim strokes!

We Offer Classes From 8am To 8pm!

Florida Swim Company understands that you may have a crazy schedule! Life can get a little overwhelming sometimes. That is why we offer swim lessons from 8 in the morning to 8 in the evening, every single day! We want to make sure you get a schedule that fits into your life! Once you register, look out for an email from a Florida Swim Company staff member that contains a draft schedule for lessons. Once we find a perfect schedule for you, you’re all set! All you have to do is be home at the times on you schedule and an instructor will come to teach swim lessons!

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Drop Those Floaties!

Using floaties gives your child a false sense of flotation in the water. They may think they can float all by themselves and may even try to. This is where floaties get dangerous! As soon as they can walk, get them in swim lessons and watch their confidence be boosted when they realize they’re swimming all by themselves!

Palm Beach Gardens swim instructors teach in home swimming lessons in the following cities: