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Tampa Bay Swim Instructors & Lifeguards

Florida Swim Company offers the best private, swim lessons in the Tampa Bay area, taught by an elite group of certified and insured swim coaches. No need to leave your home – Your personal swim teacher will teach all swimming classes in the comfort of your home or community pool. All swim instructors have years of experience teaching infants, toddlers, children and adult swim lessons – all at various skill levels.  Our goal is to provide a fun, yet challenging learning environment without the distraction of group lessons. We pride ourselves on providing you the most qualified and professional instructor.

You can read more about your Tampa Swim Instructor below:

Danielle - Office Manager

Danielle learned to swim at two years of age and has loved the water ever since! She swam competitively for her high school swim team and attended regionals her first year on the dive team! She currently attends SPC part time working towards her AA degree. Danielle is outgoing and clicks with people very easily. Danielle began working with children in 2017, caring for infants at her local daycare. She decided to combine her love for the water with her love for children and began teaching swim lessons. She has accumulated experience with all different age ranges and skill levels, including adults and special needs. She is also proficient in teaching stroke refinement to advanced swimmers and water aerobics to those looking to refreshen their workout routines! She is certified through The American Red Cross in Lifeguarding, CPR/AED and First Aid and Water Aerobics Instruction through The American Sports & Fitness Association. Her hope is that she can share her knowledge about water safety with all who work with her!


Ava was born and raised in Wisconsin and is now a University of Tampa student studying Marine Biology. She swam competitively for 12 years and has taught swim lessons for two. During those times she was teaching, she worked with children as young as two years old and has even worked with adults. Ava has a passion for the water that she wants to share with others. From teaching basic skills like floating, treading water, and holding one’s breath, all the way to fine tuning the techniques of all four strokes, Ava just wants to see the student progress towards their goals. She is Red Cross certified in adult and child CRP/AED and First aid.


Angela is a veteran aquatic professional with over 25 years in the industry.  She grew up in Indiana as a competitive swimmer and lifeguard where she earned an Aquatics Degree specializing in Teaching and Coaching from Ball State University. She also has earned a Masters and Doctorate in Business Administration.  In 2003, Angela moved to Florida to pursue her aquatics career year round. She has taught all ages of swimmers and all ability levels. Angela's philosophy of teaching includes an individualized approach that focuses on both safety and proficiency. Her resume includes all types of programs including competitive swimming, lifeguarding, water aerobics, and even competitive synchronized teams. She has held instructor and trainer certifications in both Water Safety and Lifeguarding with the Red Cross, YMCA, and Starguard. She loves the Florida weather and spending time kayaking the many springs, enjoying local establishments, and pillaging and parading the Bay Area as part of the first Tampa all female pirate krewe, the Krewe of Alegria. Angela is currently certified in Adult/Child/Infant CPR/AED and first-aid.


Anisha has enjoyed being in the water for as long as she can remember. She comes from a long line of avid swimmers. Her mother started as a swim instructor when she was a toddler, and would use Anisha as her example in some of her classes. Anisha aquates her love for the water to this time. She swam competitively in the Summer throughout middle school and continued on in high school. Anisha's love for the water transferred from swimming to lifeguarding and coaching a swim team. She is experienced with swimmers of all ages and abilities! She is also a strong believer in helping others. Anisha was a daycare teacher for 5 years, and decided that mixing her love of swimming and teaching children would be a great way to get herself back into the water and to help others learn a very important life skill. Anisha is currently going to school to pursue a career as a Speech Pathologist. She beleives it is going to be a long, difficult journey but very much worth the time! Anisha is certified in Adult, Child and Infant CPR/AED/ First Aid through the American Red Cross.


Ethan is currently a student studying at The University of Tampa, working toward a major in sports management.  Sports has played an integral part in Ethan's life for as long as he can remember. He participated and competed in baseball, track and his beloved basketball at all levels.  Although hailing from Buffalo, NY where summers are notoriously short, it was Ethan's love of water that led him to pursue and achieve his certification through the Red Cross in First Aid, CPR/AED and Lifeguarding. His goal was to share his love of the water by also providing a safe and secure environment for others in order to build their confidence. With over four years’ experience as lead lifeguard/swim instructor through his town's youth recreational department, Ethan quickly discovered that it was in teaching/introducing younger children in water safety/basic swimming lessons where he truly shined. Once a swim session had been completed, it was not unusual for Ethan to receive accolades from parents expressing how much their child had enjoyed their lessons with him and how he made them feel safe while getting them comfortable with water. 


William always had a passion for the water. He started swim lessons at the age of six and swam competitively for his high school swim team. During his senior year he gravitated toward his High School Swim Teacher who was a former U.S. Army Ranger Vietnam Veteran. William looked to him as a mentor and would meet his Swim Teacher before school started to swim laps and train for USMC Boot Camp. His teacher had a very positive impact on him and that is something he would like to pass on. William was enlisted in the United States Marine Corps from 1999 to 2003. While enlisted in the Marine Corp he earned the highest swim qualification, Combat Water Survival/Safety Swimmer. He enjoyed being in and around the water while conducting Maritime Operations. William had a love for small boat operations and as a Combat Water Survival/Safety swimmer he ensured his fellow Marines safety in zodiac boats miles off the Pacific coast. While traveling with the United States Marine Corps he enjoyed open water swimming and snorkeling in different oceans and seas around the world. William recently moved to Florida and holds certifications as a Red Cross Lifeguard (with First Aid, CPR/AED) and  Red Cross Water Safety Instructor. With attention to detail William teaches students how to swim or enhance existing skills safely. William is dedicated to seeing his students learn and grow in the water while having fun. William enjoys his free time with his fiance' exploring the coastlines of Florida, kayaking, cycling, skateboarding, birdwatching, dining, and viewing art.


Tim says his passion for helping others is something he was given upon the arrival of this world. Ever since he could remember, his desire to inspire, need to succeed, and love from above for all people has just been second nature. Growing up poor, it was rare and far between that he as a kid had an opportunity or a place to where he could acquire certain skills such as swimming. Other than the occasional dip during a friend's party at the pool or a relaxing day at the lake, he never had the knowledge or ability to swim. Tim’s true passion and desire to swim, along with sharing that knowledge with others, came about during the 5th grade after a tragic incident involving one of his classmates. The devastation put a fire into Tim to become a proficient swimmer and to help others try and avoid a similar situation. Tim has over 7 years experience teaching swimming lessons from infants to adults of all skill levels. He is currently certified in CPR and First Aid. To hear more of Tim’s story and to watch yourself or a loved one develop a life skill that they will carry on for their entire life, go ahead and book your adventure now!


Taylor began competitive swimming at 6 years old, and continued for 12 years including coaching her high school team! During these years, she found her passion for coaching and swim instruction, helping others improve their stroke and learn to swim. To Taylor, swimming has always been an outlet and a fun way to relax. She has been lifeguarding for 5 years and been a coach/swim instructor for 4 years. She has obtained CPR, AED, Lifeguard, and various lab certifications through the American Lifeguard Association. Taylor is currently finishing her Bachelors degree in Environmental Microbiology at the University of South Florida and will be pursuing her PhD there soon. She is studying to become a virologist and professor! With her years in the water, Taylor has experience teaching all ages to swim and refine their stroke. She is passionate about teaching and helping others accomplish their goals both in and out of the water! Taylor loves to make lessons both fun and informative, while working at the best pace for the swimmer! She believes it is all about confidence and trust, and will do everything in her power to help each swimmer meet their goals.


Sophia has been in the water since she could walk, and began her life in the water as young as three. She has been a competitive swimmer since the age of five and has gained experience in that world for fourteen years. Swimming has always been one of the biggest accomplishments in Sophia's life and she love sharing that with others. She helped aid and train younger teammates and groups. She has also been a lifeguard since she was 17. Being CPR and lifeguard certified taught Sophia many new things, including teaching others how to swim and develops their skills. Her goal is to make others, no matter how young or old, feel like being in the water is a second home, just as it is for her.


Tiara has always had a passion for people and water activities. Swimming did not come natural to her, although she learned water safety and basic swimming skills at a young age. It was not until she joined her high school swim team that she became masterful in the water. After high school, she stayed active in college by participating in water aerobics and later leading classes at the YMCA. This experience led her to ensure that she builds meaningful relationships with her clients to enhance their learning experience by teaching it in a way the client can comprehend. Tiara has her B.S. in Family Science. She has been teaching swim lessons for 7 years and life guarding for 8. Tiara is YMCA certified in Lifeguarding/ Swim Lesson Instructor /AED/CPR/First Aid/Emergency Oxygen.


Eager, driven and self-motivated aquatics enthusiast; where passion thrives in educating the community in water safety, drowning prevention and swim skills. Excels in relationship building/connecting. Hailey has had the pleasure of being a swim instructor for over 3 years and a lifeguard for 2 years at her hometown Family YMCA, where she found her passion in Aquatics. Being a swim instructor has given her the privilege to teach and work with every age range and skill level, as well as working with special needs and disabilities. Her certifications are held with the YMCA with Lifeguard, Swim Instructor, CPR & AED/OXYGEN and FIRST AID, also certified through The American Red Cross with Lifeguard. She's been promoted to Lead Instructor at my YMCA, where new and upcoming swim instructors shadow her lessons, she gives constructive feedback, as well as supervising swim lessons.


Lenora started swimming at age 4 and has not looked back! For 7 summers, in her metro Atlanta hometown, she coached swimming and taught private swim lessons, and she spent 3 years as the head swim coach of a school in Lima, Peru. Along the way, Lenora picked up water polo and open water swimming, as well as American Red Cross certification in lifeguarding (includes First Aid, CPR, and AED), and water safety instruction. When not in the water, Lenora uses her B.S. in Education as a middle school teacher, and she enjoys traveling and spending time with her husband. Ella también ofrece dar clases particulares de natación en español


Savannah has extensive experience when it comes to swimming and teaching. She was part of a swim team for six years and has been a lifeguard and instructor for three years! She has obtained CPR, AED, O2, First Aid, Blood Borne Pathogens, and Lifeguard Certifications. Savannag is currently attending Florida College and studying to be an elementary teacher. She also works at an aftercare for a school located in Temple Terrace, where she tutors English Langauge Learner students. Savannah finds teaching swim lessons to be extremely rewarding and so much fun; She is so excited to be able to teach swimmers of all kinds to not only be safe in the water, but to love the water as well!



Jessica is originally from Indiana, where she has been a water bug since the day she was born! She started competitively swimming very early on, and continued all the way through high school. After high school, she went on to coach with one of the nations top swim clubs, Carmel Swim Club. Jessica has extensive experience teaching swimmers of ALL ages! She has such a passion for water and swimming, that her friends and family often joke that her spirit animal is water! Jessica is thrilled to be working with Florida Swim Company and looks forward to sharing her passion of swimming with her students!


Growing up in the land of 10000 lakes (Minnesota), Megan loved the water. Her love has continued to grow. She worked as a lifeguard in high school and taught swimming levels 1-4. She also was on the local swim team for a year as a diver. Megan has a history in training including: lifeguarding, CPR, AED, First Aid, and Personal Care Assisting (PCA). She’s certified in Professional CPR, AED and first aid. She also teaches aqua fit swim classes. Megan’s other passion is volunteering and working with people of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life including people with disabilities. She knows American Sign Language (ASL), English Kriol and am learning Spanish.
Megan lived in the country of Colombia on a small island for a year (2017). She taught many of the local Islanders how to swim in their own surroundings and learned to snorkel. Megan loves to help people feel comfortable about the water. One on one training is the best way to achieve your personal goals. If you’re looking to help your child learn the basics of swimming, water safety, or looking to improve your own swim skills, Megan would be happy to help with all your needs. Some of the things Megan does in her free time is: associate with close friends, do volunteer work, learn languages (Currently knows ASL, English Creole, learning Spanish currently), understand cultures, explore, photography, art, snorkeling, hiking, and she loves the beach! Life is an adventure if we look at all the possibilities and move towards them one by one.


Nicole has been swimming longer than she could walk and has a variety of experience in aquatics. She began swimming competitively when she was 8 years old and continued until the age of 20. She has experience teaching swim lessons for those ranging from 6 months to senior citizens as well as coaching ages 5 -18 years. Nicole was an aquatics director for a summer camp in Missouri where she led a team of lifeguards in open water, waterfront, and pool guarding. She also redesigned the swim lessons program for the summer camp increasing the swimming confidence of dozens of campers over the course of the summer. Swimming has always been a huge part of her life and she loves sharing her passion for it with others. Nicole is CPR certified through the American Heart Association and lifeguard certified through the American Red Cross!


Dawn has been teaching swim lessons since 2005. She has always had a passion for what she does, and that passion was strengthed when she recently had to provide life saving CPR to an adult drowning victim and her goal was prevention. Dawn was a competitive swimmer throughout high school and is a certified rescue scuba diver, possessing a master's Degree in mental health with experience in teaching students who have trauma as well as physical and mental disabilities.


In swim lessons, Chloe uses a variety of techniques which she has learned over the past 8 years as a swim instructor. During that time, Chloe obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Aquatics. She has been formally trained in developmentally appropriate techniques for all ages. In college, Chloe took coursework on the biomechanics of swimming up to the collegiate/professional level. She also enjoys teaching the little ones using her knowledge of infant reflexes. However, Chloe currently spends most of her time teaching preschool and school aged children swimming skills with an emphasis on safety. No matter the age or ability, Chloe can meet you where you’re at to help you achieve your goals! Chloe is certified in Swim Instruction and Lifeguarding, as well as Basic Life Support (CPR/AED and First Aid).


Alex is a recent graduate of Florida State University, where she earned a major in political science and a minor in communications. She was an indoor deep water and waterfront lifeguard as well as a swim instructor for over 2 years through FSU Campus Recreation’s Aquatics! She is certified through the Red Cross in First Aid, CPR/AED, Lifeguard, Waterfront Lifeguard, and Water Safety/Swim Instructing! When she first started lifeguarding, she worked for United Cerebral Palsy of Tampa Bay. She has been swimming since she was 2 and competed on swim team during summers as a child! She is very passionate about teaching swim lessons and getting kids comfortable with the water, as it’s the reason that she loves the water so much now!


Cassidy is a University of Tampa student studying Biology. She is from West Milford, NJ where she has been lifeguard/head lifeguard and has taught swim lessons at a local lake since 2015. She has loved being in the water since before she could remember and was also a competitive swimmer until her early high school years. She has a passion for the water and hopes that everyone can enjoy swimming and be safe doing so! Cassidy is an American Red Cross certified for Lifeguarding, Waterfront Skills, CPR/AED, and First Aid.


Ashlee learned to swim before she could walk. Growing up in Arizona, she spent the long summers swimming in the pool. Swimming has always been a passion of Ashlee's.When she started her career as a nanny, it only made sense to get certified to teach swim lessons. After receiving her lifeguard and swim instructor certification, she worked as a full time nanny and a part time guard/instructor for an athletic club. She guarded their lap pool, as well as, their man made lake where you could find people of all ages hurling themselves off of the high dive or onto the blob! Her favorite though, was teaching swim lessons. Ashlee's youngest student was 4 months old and her oldest was 12 years old. Her passion for children paired with patience and understanding, proved to show the fast result of a safe, CONFIDENT swimmer.


Jessica's life has been centered around the water ever since she can remember. Her mother was a CPR instructor, swim instructor, and lifeguard. So at a very young age Jessica learned CPR and swimming techniques. Jessica's first ever job was a lifeguard at the YMCA, where she worked for four years and was a head lifeguard. While lifeguarding she obtained her swim instructor certification and taught there for two years. Jessica then branched out and decided to work in the education system at local schools, until moving to Sarasota last year where she began teaching swim lessons privately and remotely. She also received a water aerobic instructor license and taught for the county. Being that close to the water made her realize just how important swim safety is. Over the years, she has learned several different techniques and teaching styles that work best. Jessica has four main concerns that she likes to address throughout her swim lessions; comfortability, safety, technique, and fun. Comfortability comes first in her eyes because if a child or an adult doesn't feel safe or confident in themselves it may lead to an overall negative experience. Safety is also extremely crucial especially being in Florida where there are ponds on every corner so that's a definite component. Next she dive into technique, this is where she goes into more strokes such as freestyle breaststroke and backstroke. Lastly, she loves to incorporate fun into anything she does because that's what really makes lessons stick with children. Jessica currently has CPR, First Aid, AED, and Water Aerobics certification.


Jake is a long time swimmer and coach with over 15 years of competitive swimming experience, and has been instructing and coaching all ages for 10 years. He swam in the NCAA and USA Swimming. He has lifeguarded since the age of 16, is a certified Lifeguard instructor as well as a certified CPR instructor. Before moving to Florida to further pursue his aquatic career, he was the Aquatics Director at an athletic club in Ohio. He is also a personal trainer with a certification from the American Council on Exercise. Jake’s entire life has revolved around the water, an active lifestyle, and physical fitness. He has worked with all ages and experience levels, as well as those with special needs or disabilities. Jake has many interests, and in his free time he enjoys wake and skim boarding, mountain biking, ocean swims, and boxing.

Tampa swim instructors teach at home, swim lessons in Tampa and surrounding areas, including Westchase, Citrus Park, Town 'N' Country, Carrollwood, Greater Northdale, Lutz, Land O' Lakes, Wesley Chapel, Temple Terrace, Lake Magdale, South Tampa, Riverview, Palm River Clair Mel, Brandon, Seffner and Plant City.

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