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Learn to Swim Without Ever Leaving Home by Signing Up for Mobile Swimming Lessons with Florida Swim Company

Learning to swim is a skill that can serve any child, but it is one that is especially beneficial for kids living in West Palm Beach, as Florida is overflowing with opportunities to jump in the water. Make sure your kids are ready to take advantage of them all this summer by signing them up for swimming lessons with Florida Swim Company.

Learning to Swim Helps Kids Grow

Swimming Lessons West Palm Beach FLWhen your child participates in private or semi-private swimming lessons with one of our swim instructors, they will:

  • Develop safety skills – Your child will learn the best methods for escaping water and calling for help, should they ever be involved in an accident.
  • Build confidence –Our instructors will encourage your kids to take pride in their accomplishments as they learn a new skill and improve with every lesson.
  • Have fun – Our classes are designed to not only teach skills, but to also provide a fun and exciting experience that your kids will surely look forward to.

Swimming Lessons with Florida Swim Company

Here at Florida Swim Company, we aim to offer the all-around best mobile swimming lessons in the area. To do so, we work only with experienced, American Red Cross-certified instructors who are passionate about teaching swim techniques and bringing positive attitudes to every class. See how Florida Swim Company instructors teach before you sign up – visit our video gallery.

Swimming Programs for Kids in West Palm Beach

Drowning is the leading cause of death for children under the age of 4, in the United States. Drowning is completely preventable and swimming lessons are a must for children that live in West Palm Beach. Our swim programs start at 6 months old. Private lessons allow us to completely customize the class just for your child, whatever their swim experience or goals might be. Choose your child’s appropriate category below to learn more about the skills that we focus on:

Swimming Programs for Adults in West Palm Beach

Did you know that over HALF of all American (54% to be exact) either cannot swim or do not possess basic swimming skills? Florida Swim Company makes learning to swim for our adult clients pleasant and convenient, by offering classes in the privacy of your home or community pool. Your private swim instructor will design a program specifically for your swim goals. We have classes geared toward beginners or those who already posses swimming skills and just want private swim coaching or their skills refined. We also offer private water aerobics classes in a private one-on-one setting or in a small group of up to 4 of your friends, in the privacy of your home or community pool. Choose which category you would like to learn more about:

How To Register and Book your Private Swim Instructor

Our mobile classes are available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day of the week and can be scheduled at your own pool or a nearby community pool. We offer learn-to-swim programs, stroke refinement classes, adult programs, and parent and baby classes, so every age group and ability level will be able to enjoy our swimming lessons. To book your private instructor in the West Palm Beach, FL, area, fill out our online registration and be on the look out for a email from our scheduling department to schedule your swim lessons. Once we agree on a schedule, we will take care of booking your swim instructor and relaying your information to them. We will also provide you with their picture and personal biography, so you know what swim experience and certifications they have. You will also be given their contact information, so if you need to get a hold of them for any reason, you will be able to contact them directly. Florida Swim Company aims to make mobile swim lessons painless and convenient for you.

West Palm Beach Instructor Highlight

Our Swim Instructors hold certifications in CPR, First Aid & Basic Life Support, Lifeguarding, Water Safety Instruction, Water Aerobics & Certified Pool Operation. They have years experience in all ages and skill levels. To find out more about all of our West Palm Beach Swim Instructors, Click Here.

What Do Our West Palm Beach Customers Say About Florida Swim Company?

“This company is fantastic! We signed our 4 year old up for swim lessons with Ally while on vacation and could not have been happier! Ally was attentive, professional, and expert at helping our beginner swimmer to feel comfortable and confident in the pool. I recommend Florida Swim Company and Ally highly!!”

– from Lisa, Palm Beach Gardens

“Mark has been fantastic. None of our kids could swim before they started working with him and they were terrified of the water. He has made significant progress with their swimming skills and lessons have actually become enjoyable”

–  from Jitka, West Palm Beach

Why are Private Swim Lessons Preferred Over Group Swim Lessons?

  • Many of our clients come to us after group lessons failed to teach the student how to swim. Private swim lessons are very effective because the instructor’s attention is solely focused on that student.
  • More than half of drownings occur in the child’s home pool. We design the program to teach the child how to get out of the pool if they were to fall into their own pool at any point.
  • Students learn at a much quicker pace in private lessons because the entire class is customized to overcome the student’s individual challenges. Some students learn better with games, where other students need a more serious learning environment.
  • Private lessons eliminate safety concerns of the instructor being distracted by other students and not noticing a swimmer slipping underwater.
  • Fearful students quickly build a bond with the instructor and are more willing to try new skills once trust is established.
  • Students who are easily distracted have one-on-one attention to help keep them focused and won’t be distracted by other students.