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At-Home Toddler Swimming Lessons

Florida Swim Company offers private and semi-private swim lessons for toddlers and preschoolers. Our Learn To Swim program teaches skills in easy progressions starting with full support from the swim instructor and slowly removing the support – just like teaching a child to ride a bike with training wheels and taking them away. Swim Lessons can start at age 6 months and can continue until you are comfortable with your child’s progress. All swim instructors are certified, insured and thoroughly background checked. You will be given your swim teacher’s personal biography and contact information before lessons begin.

The ultimate goal is for us to teach your preschooler how to get back to safety if they were ever to accidentally fall into a pool or other body of water. We will do this by running toddlers through a few different drills throughout swim lessons to teach the the automatic response for turning around in the water, and swimming back to either the pool wall or pool steps. The benefit of taking swimming lessons in your own pool is teaching your child every aspect of your pool and how to get to safety no matter where they were to fall in. Swim instructors will challenge your toddler while keeping lessons fun with different games and pool toys. Check out what skills will be taught below:

Learn to Swim Program for Toddlers

Level 1: Introduction to the Water

  • Entering & Exiting the Pool Safely / Introduction to “Monkey Walking” Pool Walls
  • Blowing Bubbles and Submerging
  • Back Floats & Front Floats with Support
  • Changing Direction with Support
  • Swimming on the Front with Support
  • Swimming on the Back with Support

Level 2: Fundamental Aquatic Skills

  • Diving for objects underwater
  • Fall Drill 1 – turning around and grabbing onto the pool wall with support
  • Fall Drill 2 – turning around and swimming back to pool steps with support
  • Back Float & Front Float without Support
  • Swimming on Front & Back without Support
  • Swim-Float-Swim -flipping from front to back resting float with support

Level 3: Stroke Introduction & Development

  • Fall Drills 1 and 2 without Support
  • Comfortably Holding Back Float & Front Float without Support
  • Swim-Float-Swim without Support
  • Refine Freestyle & Backstroke
  • Introduction to Rotary Breathing & Treading Water
  • Introduction to Breaststroke, Butterfly, Sidestroke, Elementary Backstroke