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Stroke Refinement & Coaching

Florida Swim Company's private swim coaches will come to your home pool to teach private swim lessons. The majority of our swim coaches have swam competitively and coached competitive swim teams, making them great private instructors to improve your swim stroke. Our swim instructors work with client's of all ages and skill levels, whether your child is practicing for swim team, you have a swim test you want to prepare for, or you just want to improve your technique for personal exercise, we can help you achieve any swim goals.

Stroke Refinement Goals
    • Water Entry: Shallow angle dive from the side, shallow angle dive and glide 3 body lengths to begin any front stroke
    • Breath Control: Tuck surface dive, pike surface
    • Changing Direction, Position and Treading: Front flip turn, backstroke flip turn, tread water, tread water using legs only
    • Swim on Front: Front crawl, breaststroke, butterfly
    • Swim on Back: Elementary backstroke, back crawl, standard (back) scull
    • Swim on Side: Sidestroke

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