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Watch Our Swim Instructors in Action

Want to know what to expect before you sign up? Check out our Florida Swim Company Instructors live in action teaching private swim lessons:

The Fall Test

Teaching a child how to “Fall” into the pool, turn around and swim back to the pool wall.


Swim – Float – Swim

Teaching a child to flip to their back when they’re tired and need a breath.

Swim Float Swim

Diving for Rings

Hula Hoop Swim

Learning to Kick in a Streamline Position

Learning to “Swim-Float-Swim”

Children learn to swim the entire length of their swimming pool by rotating back and forth from front to back, taking a “resting float” in-between strokes to regain energy.

Return to Steps

If a child is playing on the pool steps and slips off into deeper water, they are taught how to swim back to safety.

Learning to Swim the Entire Length of the Pool

3-Year Old learns to jump into the pool from the deep end and swim the entire length of the pool, coming up for breath, as needed.

6-Month Old Swimming

Fall and Float

2-year old learns to fall into the pool and flip onto his back to breath.

Toddler Swimming on his Back

Learning “Front Crawl/Freestyle” Stroke

Once children can swim without support, we begin to refine their stroke techniques.

“Fall Test” with 3-Year Old

Monkey Walk

1-year old “monkey walking” back the the steps.

2-Year Old Swimming to the Wall