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Private Swim Instructors Bring Swim Class to Your Home Pool in Boca Raton, Florida

Florida Swim Company is delighted to bring the very best swim instructors to Boca Raton residents. Instructors come directly to your home or community pool to teach private swimming lessons. We’re dedicated to providing the very best swim curriculum to your swimmer and we’re able to do so because every class is designed specially for them! Is your swimmer more on the cautious side? We incorporate games and fun drills to build the swimmer’s confidence and develop a bond of trust. Is your swimmer more on the adventurous side? We incorporate water safety into every lesson, teaching swimmers to have a healthy respect for the water. Did you know that more than half of drownings occur at the child’s home? When swim class takes place at your home pool, we’re able to develop safety drills designed to teach children how to escape in a fall scenario from your pool. That way, if a fall ever occurred at the home, the child would know exactly how to get to safety.

Can’t find the time to squeeze in swim lessons? We know your time is valuable, which is why we let you decide your swim schedule. Our instructors are available 7 days a week from 8am until 8pm – you can pick any combination of days and times. Do you need noon swim lessons? We’re available! After work at 6pm? No problem! Going on vacation for the week? We’ll take that week off and pick back up when you return. Florida Swim Company makes scheduling simple and convenient.

Want to know more about our instructors? When you book your private swim instructor, we provide you with their picture and swim biography, detailing their past aquatics experience and what certifications they currently hold. Our gifted swim instructors all hold multiple years’ experience teaching infants, toddlers, children, teens, adults and those with special needs and disabilities. All instructors are insured under our general and professional liability insurances and are put through a thorough criminal background check. Florida Swim Company’s management team travels the entire state of Florida to seek out and interview the absolute best talent in the aquatics industry. Our goal is to exceed your expectations on mobile swim lessons and ensure your swimmer is always in good hands.

Private Swimming Lessons for Kids in Boca Raton

Our swim lesson plans are completely customized for every swimmer. The skills we will focus on are determined by the child’s age and current ability. Select your child’s age group to see more about a particular swim program.

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Private Swimming Lessons for Adults in Boca Raton

Private swimming lessons in the privacy of your home pool make for the perfect environment for any adult client. Our “Adult Swim Lessons” program is designed for beginners, to teach the basic fundamentals of swimming techniques. Our “Stroke Refinement & Coaching” program is designed for those who posses basic swimming skills, but would like to learn new strokes or fine-tune skills they already have. Select the appropriate program below to learn more information:

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Why Boca Raton Parents are Choosing Private Swim Lessons over Group Swim Lessons

  • Many customers come to us after wasting money taking multiple rounds of group lessons. Private lessons are effective and are proven to teach students how to swim faster.
  • Never worry that the instructor isn’t watching your child in the water! With individual instruction, you instructor always has eyes on your child and only your child.
  • Group lesson schedules are inconvenient. Don’t work around the swim school’s schedule, let us work around your busy schedule!
  • Private swimming lessons provide a much more comfortable environment for those who are fearful of the water. An unbreakable bond of trust is quickly established with the instructor, making swim lessons way less painful.
  • Children won’t be distracted by others in the privacy of their own pool. Our instructors keep the student engaged and focused throughout the whole lesson.

Still not sure if at-home private swim lessons are right for you? Check out Florida Swim Company’s Video Gallery to see real instructors teaching private swim lessons to get a feel for what the experience is really like.

Private Swim Instructors of Boca Raton

All Florida Swim Company instructors hold a variety of certifications, including CPR, AED, First Aid, Basic Life Support, Lifeguarding and Water Safety Instructor. You will always receive the instructors biography that tells you exactly why they’re qualified to teach swim lessons. Check out some examples below:

How to Book a Boca Raton Swim Instructor

We make scheduling simple at Florida Swim Company. Once we receive your online registration, we’ll send you a draft swim schedule. Once you tell us the schedule works for you, we’ll take care of  booking your swim instructor and all you have to do is wait for their arrival.

See What Our Boca Raton Swimmers Say about Florida Swim Company

“Ally Black is great swimming instructor. My son loves it.”

– Facebook Review from Jitka, West Palm Beach

“Thank you Florida Swim Company for teaching Tabby how to swim!”

– Google Review from Becca, Boca Raton

“This company is fantastic! We signed our 4 year old up for swim lessons with Ally while on vacation and could not have been happier! Ally was attentive, professional, and expert at helping our beginner swimmer to feel comfortable and confident in the pool. I recommend Florida Swim Company and Ally highly!!”

– Facebook Review from Lisa, Palm Beach Gardens

“We love Mark! Our kids were extremely resistant towards the water before he came along and they have made impressive progress since beginning to work with him.”

-Krystle, Boca Raton

Water Safety Tips for Boca Raton Parents

Source: Why Parents Need to Ask This Question Before Playdates

Know where your child is at all times, including when they are at a sitter’s house. Does the sitter have a pool? Do they live near a pond? Drowning is the leading cause of death for children under the age of 5 and the second leading cause of death for children under the age of 14.

Discontinue use of any “floaties” or “puddle jumpers.” These wearable flotation devices not only give swimmers a false sense of confidence in the water, these students are taught to swim in an incorrect, upright positioning – causing a delay in the learn to swim process.

Always remember to remove any pool toys from the water. We see children run to the pool to grab toys out of the water, only to fall into the water.

Install self-locking gates around the pool that are at-least 4 feet high and enroll your child in swim lessons. These measures reduce drowning risks by 88%.

Learn CPR for infants & adults. Knowing this life saving skill can mean the difference between life and death. Classes are short and thorough and can be found on The American Red Cross’s Website.

At-Home Swim Lessons are available in Boca Raton and surrounding areas, including: