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Adult Swim Lessons

Private Swim Instructor Tampa FLA recent study conducted by The American Red Cross found that half of the American population CANNOT swim. Florida Swim Company offers adult swimming lessons in the privacy of your home pool with lesson plans customized to your individual swimming goals.

Our certified and trained swim instructors have a vast array of experience with adult clients of all skill levels, including:

  • Adults who are fearful of the water
  • Adults who have no swimming experience
  • Adults who need stroke refinement
  • Adults who are training for a swim test
  • Adults who want to learn to dive

The ultimate goal is that you complete your lessons feeling comfortable and confident in the water. Your private swim coach will customize a swim program based on your specific goals. Some of our adult swim class program focuses on the following goals:

Goal #1 - Increase Comfort Level in Water

    • Water Entry: Enter water, walk in chest deep water, enter by jumping into water to fully submerge, then recover to surface and return to side.
    • Change Direction: Roll from front to back, roll from back to front, change from vertical to horizontal positions on back and front and return to safety.
    • Treading: Arm and hand treading actions, tread water using arm and leg actions

Goal #2 – Experience Breath Control

    • Breath Control and Submerging: Bobbing while moving toward safety, rotary breathing, submerge and recover to surface

Goal #3 – Experience Buoyancy

    • Buoyancy on Front: Front glide with recovery, survival float
    • Buoyancy on Back: Back glide with recovery, back float with recovery

Goal #4 – Move Through the Water

    • Front Crawl: Combined stroke on front with alternating arm action at least 2 body lengths, front crawl 15 yards
    • Breaststroke: Combined arm and leg actions on front with simultaneous arm action (modified breaststroke) at least 2 body lengths, breaststroke 15 yards
    • Elementary Backstroke: Elementary backstroke 15 yards
    • Sidestroke: Scissor kick 15 yards

Goal #5 – Learn Safety Skills and Safe Behaviors in and Around Water

    • Circle of Drowning Prevention
    • Chain of Drowning Survival
    • General Water Safety
    • Making Good Choices for Where to Swim
    • HELP Position

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