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Florida Swim Company Brings Swim Lessons to the Privacy of your Home Pool in Delray Beach!

Florida Swim Company offers private swim lessons for Toddler! Our instructors teach lessons at your home so your little one can learn how to navigate your home pool. All lessons are tailored to the individual child’s needs concerning the water. Swim lessons are more enjoyable when FUN is included! That is why our instructors add playful drills and toys, such as dive rings and kick boards, to lessons!

Don’t Think You Have The Time for Swim Lessons?

No worries! Florida Swim Company offers swim lessons from 8 AM to 8 PM so you can fit lessons in whenever you’re available! Schedule is easy as 1,2,3 with us! Once you’ve registered, office staff will contact you via email with a draft schedule for your tot! If the schedule works for you, we’ll go ahead and book your private swim lessons with one of our many certified instructors!



Meet Our Delray Beach Instructors!

 Puddle Jumpers Are DANGEROUS!

Puddler-jumpers teach children to swim in an incorrect, upright position. This makes it very difficult to teach a child to swim without this device, hindering any forward motion. This is why we preach to parents – THROW OUT THOSE PUDDLE JUMPERS!



Look what happens to a child who is used to wearing a puddle jumper.. scary!!
He can’t even get to the wall!
Please understand that these floaties cause the child to not have skills of their own…

Here’s a great article on floatation devices:

Posted by Safe Swim NC Specialized Aquatic Training LLC on Tuesday, June 11, 2019