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Private, Mobile Swim Lessons in North Palm Beach

Have you been wanting swim lessons in the privacy of your own home? Florida Swim Company offers just that! Our certified instructors come to your house to teach swim lessons in your own pool! Swimming is a great skill, and a life-long one at that; We want to help you reach your goals in the water! While focusing on water safety, our swim instructors will assess what you are capable of doing and what needs some attention. We work at your pace and contour the program to each person’s specific needs! Florida Swim Company offers swim lessons for all age groups! From infants and toddlers to older children and adults!

Do You Not Have Time For Swim Lessons?

Florida Swim Company offers swim lessons every day from 8 am to 8 pm so it is easy to get yourself or your kids swim lessons! When you register, it will send us your availability and we will link you with an instructor that is available at the same dates and times! Once you are paired, an office member will contact you via email with a draft schedule. When we find your perfect schedule, you don’t have to do anything further other than be home at the times of the lessons!

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When Participating in Swim Lessons With Us, Ditch The Floaties!

North Palm Beach swim instructors teach in home swimming lessons in the following cities: