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Florida Swim Company Brings The Swim School To You With Our Mobile Swim Instructors in Palm Harbor, Florida

Don’t want to deal with the hassle of dragging wet kids to and from your local Palm Harbor swim school? Florida Swim Company conveniently brings the swim school to the comfort of your pool to teach private swimming lessons. With the state of Florida leading the nation in drowning deaths, swim lessons are a must for all Florida families.

Our traveling swim instructors are certified and trained through the most reputable of companies – The American Red Cross, The American Heart Association, and Jeff Ellis Lifeguards. We recruit the best swim instructors, who usually come to us from City of Clearwater pools and the YMCA, who have experience teaching swim lessons to students of all ages and abilities. Instructors are required to hold certifications in CPR, First Aid, Basic Life Support (Infants & Adults), Lifeguarding and Water Safety Instruction. You will be provided all of your swim instructor’s information so you know exactly who is coming to you!

We know life gets busy and it’s hard to find time. That’s why we strive the entire swim school process effortless. You can register for your lessons right online and we’ll send you an email to set up your ideal swim lesson schedule. Our private swim instructors in Palm Harbor are available every day from 8:00am until 8:00pm so you’re able to make the perfect schedule for your family.

Learn to Swim Programs For All Ages & Skill Levels

The biggest benefit to hiring a private swim instructor is that class is specifically catered to the student. Have an infant and a 30-year old student? No problem! We’ll split the time between the 2 students and focus on their individual challenges and swim goals. There is no set group curriculum and no need to drive to multiple different classes at your local swim school. Your private swim lessons will accommodate your exact needs. Your private swim instructor will take the first lesson to evaluate if the student has any water fears that will need to be overcome and what skills the student already posses. Then the instructor will develop a personalized swim lesson. For younger children, the goal is safety – Does the child know how to get to safety if he or she were to accidentally fall into the pool? The instructor will go through different fall scenarios with the child to teach him or her to turn around and swim back to the pool wall or steps. Once basic swim skills are established, we will teach the student different strokes; front crawl, back crawl, breaststroke, butterfly, sidestroke, elementary backstrokes and treading.

Meet Our Palm Harbor Swim Instructors

See What Our Palm Harbor Customers Say About Florida Swim Company

“We had a wonderful experience with Chris. My son was afraid of jumping in the water and within one lesson, he was able to do so. It was beyond worth it!”

– Maria, Palm Harbor

“I highly recommend Florida Swim Company. We have been using them since my daughter was about 5 months old. Mel is so loving and patient with not only my daughter but me! She goes slow to make sure everyone is comfortable and makes the experience fun so my daughter loves pool time”

– Mary, Tarpon Springs

Why Choose Private Lessons Over Group Lessons?

  • Many customers come to us after wasting money taking multiple rounds of group lessons. Private lessons are effective and are proven to teach students how to swim faster.
  • Never worry that the instructor isn’t watching your child in the water! With one-on-one attention, you instructor always has eyes on your child and only your child.
  • Group lesson schedules are inconvenient. Don’t work around the swim school’s schedule, let us work around your busy schedule!
  • Private swimming lessons provide a much more comfortable environment for those who are fearful of the water. An unbreakable bond of trust is quickly established with the instructor, making swim lessons way less painful.
  • Children won’t be distracted by others in the privacy of their own pool. Our instructors keep the student engaged and focused throughout the whole lesson.

Swim instructors provide private, swim classes in Palm Harbor and surrounding areas, including: