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Swim Lessons That Knock On Your Door in Davie, FL!

Are group lessons not working for your child? Is the commute to swim lessons too much after a long day? Florida Swim Company has a solution for you. We offer swim lessons that come to you! Our certified and knowledgeable swim instructors teach swim lessons in the comfort of your home pool. You and your child may learn the following skills:

  • Swimming strokes on the front and back
  • Floating on the front and back
  • Changing directions
  • Breath control
  • Water Safety, including how to turn around and swim back to the pool wall in the event of an accidental fall

Florida Swim Company understands that every child is different. We teach at the students pace for maximum progress. Each student gets individualized time with their instructor, even in groups! No one has to worry about being left behind or feel inadequate. Our instructors will increase the difficulty level of the lessons once the student has picked up a certain amount of skills! Before you know it, you or your little one(s) will be swimming!

We Understand You Are Busy!

Florida Swim Company offers swim lessons every day of the week so you don’t have to choose between swim lessons and your other responsibilities. Weekends are also an option for our lovely clients. Once you register online, we will send you a draft schedule via email. After deciding on one that works for you, you’re all set! The instructor will contact you a day before swim lessons are supposed to start to introduce themselves and get any information left out on the registration (i.e. gate codes, parking instructions). The first lesson will consist of getting to know the student and where their skill set is at. The instructor will assess and continue the lessons from there.

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Click here to Register for Classes

Change is Inevitable!

Article Via: Houston Swim Club

Sometimes things will happen where change is inspired. An instructor is ill or has a prior vacation planned. As creatures of routine, we tend to get flustered when things around us change. Little ones schedules are especially knocked off equilibrium and fear ensues sometimes. Here are some tips to keep your child calm and collected:

  1. Talk about it with them! Children tend to mimic their guardians, so if you are excited about their new instructor, they tend to be excited as well!
  2. Introduce them to their new instructor! Once your child meets their new swim teacher, they are less apt to have “stranger danger” the next time they are around them.
  3. Answer the questions they have! No question is a burden. No question is too big or too small. Invite your child to explore their own mind and fears by forming questions they have about the experience they are about to have.

Davie swim instructors service the following areas: