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Are You Ready For Summer? Florida Swim Company’s Instructors Come to Your Tarpon Springs Home Pool to Teach Private Swim Lessons

Want to get the kiddos prepared for those summer days spent at Howard Park or Sunset Beach? Our swim instructors will come to your home pool, in Tarpon Springs, to teach private swim lessons. Think you don’t have time for swim lessons? Swim teachers are available 7 days a week from 8:00am until 8:00pm. The best part? You get to pick which days and times you want to have swim lessons. We make swim lessons painless! Just on vacation visiting The Sponge Docks? We have vacation packages available, too! Living in an area surrounded by water, swimming lessons are a must for Tarpon families.

We start swim lessons at 6 months of age and teach all the way up to adults – any skill or ability level. Learn to Swim programs are specially designed for each swimmer – no 2 lesson plans are alike. Some swimmers need more push and some swimmers need more patience. We have swim drills for every personality type! All Tarpon swim instructors are insured and certified. We seek out the most qualified swim instructors in the Tampa Bay area to guide your child through a progressive teaching sequence that makes sense. You can read more about each of our programs below:

Private Swimming Lessons for Kids in Tarpon Springs

  • Baby Swim Classes can include parent participation in the pool, or parents can watch from the sidelines
  • Toddler & Children Swim Classes will introduce children to the water, build aquatic skills and introduce strokes
  • Special Needs Swim Classes provide specially trained instructors to work with those who are on the autism spectrum, as well as those with physical limitations.

Private Swimming Lessons Available for Adults in Tarpon Springs

We strive to help adults gain confidence in water – whether you are stepping into the water for the first time or are training for a triathlon, Your private swim instructor with personalize a swim plan based on the goals you want to achieve. We also offer private water aerobics classes for those who was to freshen up their exercise routine.

Tarpon Springs Swim Instructors

Ready to Book Your Private Swim Instructor?

Florida Swim Company makes scheduling quick and easy – follow the directions below:

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Benefits of Private, At-Home Swim Lessons

  • Students tend to learn at a slower pace in group classes, leaving parents frustrated. Many of our clients come to us after group classes have failed to teach the child to swim. Private swim lessons greatly speed up the learning process.
  • Drowning is the leading cause of death in the United States for children under the age of 4. Nearly half of these drownings occur at the home of the child.
  • At-Home Swim Lessons teach the child how to get out of their own pool in any fall situation.
  • Swim Lessons decrease the chance of drowning by 88%.
  • Students who fear the water are more comfortable in a private setting, especially at their own residence.
  • Private swim class is a 1:1 student to teacher ratio, eliminating any safety concerns of a distracted instructor.

Private, in home swim lessons are available in Tarpon Springs and surrounding areas, including: