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Florida Swim Company Makes Swim Lesson Scheduling Easy with Private Swim Instructor That Come to Your Home Pool in Safety Harbor, Florida

Can’t find any swim classes in Safety Harbor that start at a time that works for you and your family? Think again! Florida Swim Company has swimming instructors available 7 days a week from 8:00am until 8:00pm and you get to create your dream schedule for lessons. Can’t do lessons until after work at 6:00pm? We got you covered! Trying to do lessons in the morning to dodge the afternoon nap time? We’ll be there! You just tell us what days and times you’re available, in our online registration.

With drowning being the leading cause of death for children under the age of 4, swim lessons are necessary for Safety Harbor families. Florida Swim Company strives to make scheduling fast and easy. Simply, fill out our online registration and look out for our email to schedule your swim lessons. Once we nail your perfect schedule, we’ll take care of booking your certified & insured swim instructor. You’ll receive the instructor’s swim biography that includes their specific certifications and swim experience. You’ll have the same instructor for all swim lessons – this will keep teaching consistent and help build the bond of trust between the teacher and student. Our swim instructors are passionate about showing kids just how fun it can be to learn a life skill that’s as important as swimming.

How to Book Your Private Swim Instructor

Private Swim Lessons for Kids in Safety Harbor

Florida Swim Company offers a variety of swimming classes based on the child’s age, skill level, and swim goals. We offer Mommy & Me classes for babies, learn to swim programs starting as young as 6 months, and private swim coaches to focus on stroke refinement. Pick your child’s category below to find out more:

Private Swimming Lessons For Adults in Safety Harbor

You can now learn to swim in the privacy of your own home pool. Florida Swim Company offers 3 different types of swim programs for adults;

  • Learn to Swim with Adult Swim Lessons for Beginners
  • Stroke Refinement & Coaching for Adults that posses swim skills, but would like to improve their technique
  • Private Water Aerobics Classes in freshen up your current work-out routine

Private Swim Instructors Available in Safety Harbor

Florida Swim Company instructors are covered under our general and professional insurance policies, as well as certified in any of the following: CPR, First Aid & Basic Life Support, Lifeguarding, Water Safety Instruction, Water Aerobics & Certified Pool Operation. You can read more about their specific experience and certifications below:

What Our Safety Harbor Swim Customers Have To Say About Florida Swim Company

“Melissa is amazing!!! She’s worked with my daughter since she was 2 years old and trust me with my little brat that’s no easy task! No matter how much my little one screams or cries Melissa always manages to get her to do what she needs her to do! The feeling of knowing that should my daughter fall in the pool she can get herself to safety is MORE THAN WORTH the (comparatively very low) price tag Melissa charges for swim lessons! Shes amazing and we will continue to use her for both my daughter and the new baby I’m having in March!”

– Facebook Review from Rachel, Clearwater


Why Safety Harbor Parents Prefer Private Lessons over Group Swim Lessons

  • Many of our clients have paid for multiple rounds of group swim lessons only to be disappointed by their child’s progress. Private swim lessons teach children how to swim, FAST, using logical progressions and a customized lesson plan.
  • Group lessons may give a few minutes of individual attention to each student during 1 class, where private lessons focus solely on that student for the entire time period.
  • Group lessons can be dangerous if the student-to-teacher ratio is too high. One-on-one swim lessons completely eliminate these safety concerns.
  • Fearful students will not be intimated in a private one-on-one learning environment.
  • Students who are easily distracted have one-on-one attention to help keep them focused.

Private Swimming Lessons are available in Safety Harbor and surrounding cities, including: