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See Your Swimmer Succeed with Florida Swim Company’s In-Home, Private Swimming Lessons in Oldsmar, Florida

Florida Swim Company was recently voted one of the best swim schools in Tampa Bay! We seek out the best swimming instructors in Oldsmar, in terms of experience and professionalism. All instructors are certified and have years of swim experience with swimmers of all shapes and sizes. We believe learning to swim should be encouraging, enjoyable and taught in a logical progression. All swim classes are personalized based on the swimmer’s abilities and goals – all scheduled around your availability! Our private swim instructors are available every day, in Oldsmar, from sunrise to sunset. You tell us what days and times you’d prefer, and we’ll make the perfect swim schedule for you!

Here at Florida Swim Company, we start swim lessons as young as 6 month old, and also teach toddlers, young kids, teenagers and adults. Most of our swim instructors also have experience teaching those with special needs and disabilities. In a private, in-home setting, students learn to swim in a comfortable environment, free from any distractions – proving to get results, quickly! Our swim instructors break down swimming into bite-size, easy-to-learn steps. Learn more about the programs we offer below:

Private Swimming Lessons for Kids in Oldsmar

Private Swimming Lessons for Adults in Oldsmar

Why Parents Prefer Private Swim Lessons over Crowded Group Swim Lessons

  • Students tend to learn at a slower pace in group classes, leaving parents frustrated. Many of our clients come to us after group classes have failed to teach the child to swim. Private swim lessons greatly speed up the learning process.
  • In a 30-minute class, group lessons only devote a few minutes of individual attention to each swimmer, where private lessons focus exclusively on that student for the entire time period.
  • Private lessons remove any danger of the instructor being distracted by other students and not noticing a swimmer slipping underwater.
  • Fearful students are more trusting in the comfort of their own home, with the same instructor and routine for every lesson.
  • Students who are easily distracted have one-on-one attention to help keep them focused.
  • Private lessons customize the swim classes based on the swimmer’s goals and needs. Students who learn at a quicker pace will not be held back by other students. Students who are a little more cautious will not be looked over because they can’t keep up with the group.

What Our Oldsmar Swimmers are Saying about Florida Swim Company

“My son can now jump into the deep end and swim the entire length of the pool thanks to Florida Swim Company – would definitely recommend!”

Swim Instructors Available in Oldsmar

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Private, in home swim lessons are available in Clearwater and surrounding areas, including: