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Hillsborough County’s Best Mobile Swim School brings Private Swim Lessons to Your Home or Community Pool

Hillsborough County families are gearing up for that warm, sunny weather. Whether you’re planning on hitting the beach, boating in Tampa Bay or paying a visit to the wave pool at Adventure Island – getting swim lessons before summer hits makes all these activities a little more enjoyable! We get it, traffic in Tampa is terrible! Let us deal with that – Florida Swim Company’s private swim instructors travel to your home to teach swim lessons. That means you don’t have to leave home, you don’t have to lug wet kiddos in the car, and you don’t have to deal with any traffic jams!

“But I can’t make those class times!” At Florida Swim Company, you tell us what time you want class to start! Our instructors are available every day starting at 8:00am and teaching lessons until 8:00pm. You can pick any days and times you want, creating a schedule that actually works with your lifestyle.

“Are these instructors…um…trained?” Absolutely! All Florida Swim Company instructors have years of experience and hold a variety of certifications, including Water Safety Instructor, Lifeguard, CPR (Infant & Adult), First Aid and Basic Life Support. When you get assigned your personal swim teacher, you will be emailed a swim biography, similar to the ones below, so you know exactly who is coming to your home and why they are qualified to teach swim lessons.

Swim Instructors of Hillsborough County

Private Swimming Lessons for Kids in Hillsborough County

Florida Swim Company offers swim lessons starting at 6 months of age. We have programs for baby swim lessons, toddler swim lessons, and children swim lessons. All of our programs have water safety as the main goal, integrating swim techniques as the child progresses. To learn more about our swim programs, click on the appropriate age group below:

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Private Swimming Lessons for Adults in Hillsborough County

Florida Swim Company offers swim lessons for adults of all skill levels. We have experience working with adults that have fear of water to adults that are training for triathlons. We also get adults who want to learn how to float or dive. Got a scuba trip coming up and you want to sharpen your swim skill? We can develop a program just for you! Whatever you water goals may be, we can help!

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Private Swimming Lessons for Special Needs or Disabilities in Hillsborough County

The risk of drowning is double for children with ASD. Swim lessons are not only important, in terms of safety, the benefits that swimming can provide to those with special needs or disabilities is endless! Water gives the gift of moving without the burden of gravity, allowing one to move freely – this provides psychological benefits such as improvement to confidence and self-esteem. The physical benefits of swimming are just as powerful – the natural resistance water has improves muscle strength, range of motion, and overall motor proficiency including speed, agility and perceptual motor skills.

Swim Lessons for Special Needs & Disabilities


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How Do I Book a Private Swim Instructor?

We strive to make the entire swim lesson process simple, including scheduling! After we receive your online registration, we’ll email you a draft schedule for your swimming lessons. Once we have your approval, we take care of booking your swim instructor and relaying all of your information to the instructor. We do provide you with their picture, biography and contact information. That way, you know who to expect for your lessons and if you need to make any adjustments to your schedule, you can contact them directly.

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Swim Lessons

  • How long does it take a child to learn to swim?

There is no “one size fits all” answer to this.  Some students take to the water quicker than others – learning a new skill can be frustrating for anyone at times, so we ask, please, have patience with your brave swimmer! Our instructors will push, when necessary, and will cheer over any triumph. Age and level of fear are the 2 biggest factors. Our lessons are sold in packages of 8 – this tends to be the average amount of time needed to learn basic swimming skills, but we suggest taking as many rounds as needed until you are comfortable with the swimmer’s ability.

  • My child cries during lessons; is that normal?

Yes! Tears are actually quite common for younger swimmers (and sometimes even older swimmers). This is not because the swimmer is any sort of pain. Tears are usually a sign of fear or frustration. Please remember that our swim instructors have years of experience doing what they do – we would never do anything that would harm your child and the tears DO NOT bother us. Eventually, the tears stop and the child will LOVE the water. We ask parents ignore the tears, this includes attempting to discipline the child during a swim lesson. We believe in positive reinforcement, only. This means if a child does something unfavorable, we ignore the behavior, and if the child performs anything correctly or even attempts to, we celebrate it with HUGE amounts of praise. Even the littlest of victories are big deals and should be greatly rewarded.

For more Florida Swim Company FAQs, click here.

See Our Swim Instructors in Action

Not sure if private swim lessons are for you? Check out Florida Swim Company’s Video Gallery to see real instructors teaching swim lessons. This will help give you an idea of what you can expect. Here’s one of our 3-year old clients learning how to swim in a streamline position:

Can I Rent One of Your Lifeguards for My Pool Party?

Absolutely! Pool parties can be stressful for any host. With a slew of children screaming and splashing in the water, it can be tough to determine if one if actually in distress and needs help. Our certified and insured lifeguards are trained to look for distressed swimmers in the most chaotic of situations. They also will help enforce pool safety rules like “No Running” or “No Horseplay” – That way, you can focus on being a host to the rest of the party. Find out more about our private lifeguarding services in Hillsborough County below:

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Water Safety Tips For Hillsborough County Families

Source: The Water Safety Awareness Foundation

We highly discourage the use of any floaties for your child before, during or after swim lessons. This includes water wings or puddle jumpers. We obviously encourage the use of life jackets in a boating and other appropriate environments – but what we don’t want to do is allow children to swim around without realizing that they are able to keep their head above water only because something they are wearing is keeping them above water. This instills false confidence in the child. We have seen time and time again children jumping into pools because they think they will float this same way, even without the flotation device on.

Children that are used to wearing these devices take longer to learn to swim because they have been taught to swim in an incorrect, upright position. Without their floaties on, children sink and cannot make forward movement. Instructors can tell right away which kids have worn floats and which have not. Many lessons are spent un-teaching this positioning to get the child to swim in a horizontal, streamlined position.

Floaties also provide a false sense of security to parents. Children slip out of floaties, quietly, and go underwater – as seen in this recent news story. We ask all parents to, please, throw out those floats and enroll your children in swim lessons.

Private, at home swim lessons in are available throughout Hillsborough county cities including:

  • Temple Terrace
  • Lake Magdale
  • South Tampa
  • Riverview
  • Palm River Clair Mel
  • Brandon
  • Seffner
  • Plant City