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Florida Swim Company brings the Swim School to Your Home Pool in Dunedin, Florida

Children learn to swim at an  impressive rate with Florida Swim Company’s private swim lessons. Certified and insured swim instructors come to your home or community pool to teach one-on-one, swimming lessons. Individual swim classes prove to be the most effective way for a child to learn to swim. Swim lesson plans are customized to tailor your child’s needs. Is your toddler more on the shy and cautious side? Your private swim instructor will adjust the swim lessons to build a relationship with your child and gain their trust to ensure the lessons are more enjoyable. Is your child more on the wild and adventurous side? Your private swim instructor will place an immediate focus on water and pool safety, so your child knows how to respond if he or she were to ever fall into the pool. Every swim lesson program is uniquely customized to that child’s personality type and swim goals. We want your child to be able to swim like a fish at Honeymoon Island – or splash around freely at the Dunedin Causeway!

Our program allows you to pick a schedule that fits your needs. Dunedin instructors are available 7 days a week from 8:00am until 8:00pm and you can pick any scheduling combination within that allotted time. Need swim lessons after work? No problem! Early morning swim lessons? We can do that! Weekend swim lessons? Yup, we’re available! You’ll be able to provide your availability in our online registration so we can create the perfect schedule for you.

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Private Swimming Lessons for Kids in Dunedin

You can watch real swim lessons in Florida Swim Company’s Video Gallery, showing you what skills our instructors will focus on. You can also click any of the links below to find out more about each program.

  • Baby Swim Lessons available in a fun “Mommy & Me” style class with parent participation, or a more serious water safety program with just baby and instructor.
  • Toddler Swim Lessons focus on a learn to swim program that incorporates water safety skills to teach toddlers to get out of the pool safely.
  • Children Swim Lessons build on the Toddler Swim Lesson program, moving on to stroke techniques.
  • Special Needs Swim Lessons provide special trained swim instructors for those who are limited physically or mentally.

Private Swim Lessons for Adults in Dunedin

Think our programs are only for kids? No way! Did you know most of our instructors were swim coaches on competitive swim teams? This provides them the experience to develop swim drills for adults of any skill level. Never got around to learning to swim? Check it off your list this summer! Did you just find out swimming is one of the best cardiovascular exercises and you want to improve your technique? You’re in good hands! Looking for a water aerobics instructor that will come to you? Yup, we got that, too! Check out more information on each of these adult programs below:

Water Safety FAQs

Source: Association Between Swimming Lessons and Drowning in Childhood – A Case Study

  • Students learn at a much quicker pace in private lessons because the entire lesson time is focused on them – not a group.
  • Drowning is the leading cause of death of children under the age of 4, in the United States.
  • More than half (54%) of the adult population do not posses simple swimming skills.
  • Children are only 13% likely to swim if their parents don’t know how to swim
  • For every child that drowns, it is estimated that 4 children are hospitalized for near-drownings.
  • Drowning is completely preventable – swim lessons decrease risk of drowning by 88%.


Swimming Instructors of Dunedin

All Florida Swim Company instructors are covered under our professional and general liability insurance. Instructors are put through a strict background and vetting process. We strive to provide you the best swim teachers Tampa Bay has to offer. Upon booking, you will be provided your swim instructor’s information, including their specific experience and certifications, such as the ones below:

Private, in home swim lessons are available in Dunedin and surrounding areas, including: