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In Home Private Swim Lessons with Westchase’s #1 Swim Instructors

Florida Swim Company offers mobile swim lessons to infants, toddlers, children & adults in Westchase, Florida. Our private swimming lessons are specially designed to make learning fun, but efficient – focusing on swim technique, as well as water safety. Is your child not progressing in group swim classes? Private lessons allow swim teachers to focus only on 1 student at a time – helping students learn to swim, fast! Every student has their own personality traits and individual hurdles to overcome. This is why we feel the importance to design each class, personally, for each student.

Trying to find the time for swim class? Skip the hours of traffic and the inconvenient start times! Our Westchase swim instructors are available 7 days a week from 8:00am until 8:00pm. That means you can do early morning lessons or after work lessons. Only want weekend lessons? That works for us! You get to provide your availability for lessons and we construct the perfect schedule based on that information.

Our Westchase swim instructors are trained and certified through The American Red Cross, holding numerous certifications and years of swim experience. All instructors are covered under Florida Swim Company’s general and professional liability insurance. Once we lock in your swim schedule, we’ll send you an email with your swim instructors’ biography, so you know exactly why they are qualified to teach swim lessons. We keep the same instructor with you for all your lessons – consistency, in the learning process, is key!

Private Swim Lessons for Kids in Westchase

Swim instructors will take the first lesson to evaluate where the child’s current skill level is at and develop a customized swim curriculum for their lessons. We start lessons at 6 months of age and teach infant, toddler, children and special needs swimming lessons. Pick out your child’s age group to learn more information on the skills we focus on:

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Private Adult Swimming Lessons in Westchase

Adult swimming lessons are available for all skill levels. Our “Adult Swimming Lessons” caters to adults with minimal to no swimming skills. “Stroke Refinement & Coaching” is recommended for adults who posses swimming abilities, but would like to sharpen their techniques. We also offer “Private Water Aerobics” classes which is a water resistance exercise program customized based on your physical fitness goals.

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Westchase Swimming Instructors

All Florida Swim Company swim instructors are certified through reputable providers, such as the American Red Cross. They holds various certifications, including CPR, First Aid, Basic Life Support for Infants & Adults, Lifeguarding, Water Safety Instructor. Every Swim Instructor has a biography that will tell you exactly what their swim experience is and what current certifications they hold.

What’s the Difference Between Private Swim Lessons and Group Swim Lessons?

  • Group swim lessons seem like a bargain, but many of our clients come to us after multiple rounds of group lessons failed to teach their child how to swim. Do it right the first time! Private swim lessons greatly speed up the learning process.
  • Group lessons may give a few minutes of individual attention to each student during 1 class, where private lessons focus solely on that student for the entire time period.
  • Private lessons eliminate safety concerns of the instructor being distracted by other students and not noticing a swimmer slipping underwater.
  • Private lessons customize the swim classes based on the swimmer’s goals and needs. Students who learn at a quicker pace will not be held back by other students. Students who air on the side of caution will not be looked over because they can’t keep up with the group.
  • Private lessons are perfect for swimmers who suffer from a fear of water, short attention spans or physical/mental handicaps.

How to Book Your Private Swim Instructor

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Westchase swim instructors teach at home, swim lessons in Westchase and surrounding areas in Pinellas, Pasco & Hillsborough – including:

  • Temple Terrace
  • Lake Magdale
  • South Tampa
  • Riverview
  • Palm River Clair Mel
  • Brandon
  • Seffner
  • Plant City