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Private Swim Instructors Come To You in Riverview, FL!

Florida Swim Company offers a unique experience in the comfort of your home! Our private swim instructors come to your home pool to teach swim lessons to your or your children. We serve all of the Tampa Bay Area and all of Florida’s major cities! If group lessons aren’t working for you or your little one, come jump in with us! We will show you why private lessons work better and get your results faster! Each lesson, the student will get one-on-one time with their swim instructor to work on their individual strengths and weakness’s. Florida Swim Company offers packages of eight lessons at a time for a time limit of 30-minutes or 1-hour. The 30-minute swim lessons are recommended for infants and children under 2, although it is at your digression. Our certified swim instructors offer swim lessons 7 days a week, including weekends. Each instructor is equipped with certifications & are insured through our professional and general liability insurances.

How It Works

Once you have filled out our online registration, watch for an email from a Florida Swim Company team member. This email will contain a draft schedule for the student’s swim lessons. Once it is perfected, you don’t have to do anything further! Your swim instructor will meet you at the residence provided to teach! The student will learn some, if not all of the following:

    • Swimming strokes on the front and back
    • Floating on the front and back
    • Changing directions
    • Breath control
    • Water Safety, including how to turn around and swim back to the pool wall in the event of an accidental fall

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Here Are Some Tips To Keep You Safe in and Around Water!

Private, at home swim lessons in are available throughout Hillsborough county cities including: