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Private Swim Lessons in The Comfort of Your Home Pool Available in Pembroke Pines, FL!

Florida Swim Company makes swim lessons more private with instructors that come to your home to teach. Do you not learn well in group lessons? Are you wanting something more personable? We can help with that! Our swim instructors are certified and background checked. Each of them have acquired and been certified in different strengths. We match you with an instructor based off what you want to learn, where you are located and your available times.

“My Schedule Is So Booked, I Could Never Find Time For Swim Lessons”

We hear this a lot. That is why we offer swim lessons every day from 8 am to 8 pm. So every person has an equal opportunity to get swim lessons. Weekends are even included in our array of scheduling options. A team member will email you a draft schedule once you sign up online. Your instructor will show up on the days and times requested to teach your private swim lessons!

Click here to Register for Classes

Click here to Register for Classes

How To Prepare Your Child For Their First Swim Lesson

Article Via: Houston Swim Club

A child’s first swim lessons is a step in the direction of confidence in the water! It can also be very terrifying for a child, if they have never been introduced to the water. Here are some tips to help your child’s first swim lessons go smoothly:

  1. Introduce them to the water before you come. Practice in the bath tub. Get the child’s ears and face wet, so they recognize the sensation of being underwater.
  2. Take them around water. Taking your child into a pool or other body of water with you ensures them that being in water is not supposed to be a scary experience, but an enjoyable learning experience.
  3. Blow BUBBLES! This gets the child used to having their face in the water and teaches them how to expel water when they take it in (it’s inevitable).

Pembroke Pines swim instructors service the following areas: