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See Your Swimmer Succeed with Florida Swim Company’s Private, At-Home Swim Lessons in Sarasota, Florida

Florida Swim Company is pleased to bring the top swim instructors to Sarasota residents. Our instructors come directly to your home or community pool to teach private swimming lessons. We’re devoted to bringing the very best swim curriculum to your swimmer and we’re able to do so because every class is designed just for them! Is your swimmer more on the careful side? We integrate games, toys and fun activities to build the swimmer’s confidence and gain their trust. Is your swimmer more on the bold side? We interlace water safety education into every lesson, teaching swimmers to have a healthy respect for the water.

Did you know that more than half of drownings occur at the child’s home? When swim class takes place at your home pool, we’re able to design safety drills to teach children how to escape in a fall scenario. That way, if a fall ever occur at the home, the child would know exactly how to get to safety. So whether you’re just visiting our beautiful Siesta Key beaches or you live here year-round, we have a swim program for you!

We value your time, which is why we let you choose your dream swim schedule. Our swim teachers are available 7 days a week from 8am until 8pm – you can pick any combination of days and times. Do you need noon swim lessons? We’re available! After work at 6pm? No problem! Going on vacation for the week? We’ll take that week off and pick back up when you return. Florida Swim Company makes scheduling a seamless process.

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Private Swimming Lessons for Kids in Sarasota

Choose your child’s appropriate age group to learn more about the swimming skills we focus on:

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Swimming lessons for Adults in Sarasota

Our private swim instructors are experienced with all ages and abilities, including adults. Our “Adult Swim Lesson” program is more geared toward those with little to no swimming abilities. Our “Stroke Refinement” program is for those who already posses basic swimming skills, but are looking to improve their technique.

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Why Sarasota Parents are Choosing Private Swim Lessons over Group Swim Lessons

  • Many parents come to us after wasting money taking multiple rounds of group lessons, leaving them frustrated with their child’s lack of progress. Private lessons are effective and are proven to teach students how to swim faster.
  • Never worry that the swim instructor isn’t watching your child in the water! With a one-on-one ratio, you instructor always has eyes on your child and only your child.
  • Group lesson schedules are inconvenient. Don’t work around the swim school’s schedule, let us work around your busy schedule!
  • Private swimming lessons provide a much more supportive environment for those who are fearful of the water. An unbreakable bond of trust is quickly established with the instructor, making swim lessons way less painful.
  • Children won’t be distracted by others in the privacy of their own pool. Our instructors keep the student engaged and focused throughout the whole lesson.

Still not sure if at-home private swim lessons are right for you? Check out Florida Swim Company’s Video Gallery to see real instructors teaching private swim lessons to get a feel for what the experience is really like.

Hire a Lifeguard for Your Pool Party

Does your upcoming pool party have you stressed about swimmers’ safety? Let us worry about that. Florida Swim Company offers private lifeguards that are certified and trained through the most reputable companies, including The American Red Cross, Jeff Ellis Pool Management and The YMCA. All lifeguards are covered under our professional and general liability insurances. Your private lifeguard will supervise all pool activities in and surrounding the water. Lifeguards are also available for events at beaches, lakes and swimming holes.

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Swimming Lesson FAQs

How old does my child have to be to start swim lessons?

Florida Swim Company starts swimming lessons at 6 months of age.

How many lessons does my child need to learn how to swim?

There is no “one-size-fits-all” answer to this question. The student’s progress is determined by desire, attitude, level of fear, and confidence. Some students take to the water quickly and others are much more hesitant – either is completely normal. We offer a variety of packages to fit the needs of every child, this is because children learn to swim at different paces and our packages encompass that. We recommend continuing lessons until you are comfortable with your child’s progress.

Remember the student is learning a new skill, and with learning anything new, this can be frustrating at times – please have patience! The most important thing – never compare the student’s progress to another. All students are different and our instructors are here to push them, but we need to allow them to learn at their own pace.

What sets Florida Swim Company apart from its competitors?

Because quality and safety are our number 1 concern, the owners of Florida Swim Company personally travel Florida meeting and screening all instructors and lifeguards in person. The application process is extremely competitive and Florida Swim Company is very selective in hiring new instructors. We will not let “just anyone” teach children how to swim. The instructors are required to have numerous certifications and years of experience – we also expect them to display a degree of professionalism, as well as enthusiasm, in their teachings. Specific certifications of each instructor can be found in their online biography.
Some of these certifications include:
• CPR, First Aid, Administering Emergency Oxygen and AED
• Lifeguarding
• Water Safety Instructor (WSI) or equivalent 40+ hours of training course
• Special Needs Education
• All instructors must pass a background check
• Continuing education
We are active in national and international swim school associations and we are constantly learning, developing and implementing new effective techniques every swim season. All instructors and lifeguards are covered under Florida Swim Company’s General and Professional Liability insurance.

At-home private swimming lessons are now available in Sarasota and surrounding cities, including:

  • Bradenton
  • Siesta Key
  • Sarasota Springs
  • Lakewood Ranch