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Dive into Summer with At-Home Swim Lessons in Pinellas Park, Florida

Florida Swim Company offers highly skilled swim instructors that come to your home or community pool in Pinellas Park to teach private swim lessons. Skip traffic and hauling wet kids around – there’s no need to leave your house for swim class!

With drowning topping the list for accidental death for children, swimming lessons are vital for all Pinellas Park kids. Private swim lessons prove to be the most effective way for children to learn how to swim. Group swim class leaving you frustrating results? Your swim instructor will design each class based on your child’s current skill level and swim goals.

Florida Swim Company instructors hold multiple years of experience working with swimmers of all ages and skill levels. You will be provided with your swim instructor’s swim background, as well as what current certifications they hold.

Can’t make it to class in time after work? At Florida Swim Company, you tell us what time to come over. We have instructors available 7 days a week for morning, afternoon and evening lessons. And if you need to pause lessons for a summer vacation, no problem! We’ll pick up when you return.

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Private Swimming Lessons for Kids in Pinellas Park

Each Learn to Swim program is broken down by age group – pick a category below to learn more information:

Private Swim Lessons for Adults in Pinellas Park

Our private swim instructors are also available for adults of any skill level; beginner, intermediate and advanced. We also offer private water aerobics instructors who will come to your home pool to teach one-on-one or small group water aerobics.

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Private Swim Instructors Available in Pinellas Park

Water Safety Tips for Pinellas Park Families

    • Stay close to children and always be aware when they are swimmer.
    • Always brief babysitters on water safety and emphasize the need for constant supervision.
    • Appoint a designated person to be vigilant and to monitor children at or near pools, or any other body of water.
    • If your child is ever missing, check the pool first. Every second counts.

Swim instructors provide private, swim classes in Pinellas Park and surrounding areas, including: