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Swim Lessons in The Privacy of Your Home Pool in Hollywood, FL!

Have you been thinking about getting you or your child swim lessons? Florida Swim Company offers swim lessons to all ages! We have instructors rained in teaching infants, toddlers, children, adults and special needs. All of our swim instructors are thoroughly background checked and certified through the American Red Cross or an association of equal stature. Our swim lessons are structured based off the students prior experience and the pace they want to keep. The instructor will teach accordingly after assessing both of these points. We do not have a swim guarantee. Our instructors will never be aggressive with your child to make them meet a goal. Each student is different and may or may not take more lessons to acquire the skills that they want! Crying and requiring more lessons are both completely normal outcomes.

Florida Swim Company Offers Flexible Schedule Times!

We know that your schedule is busy. That’s why we offer swim lesson times that work with your hectic life! Swim lessons are offered everyday from 8 am-8 pm. Weekends are also included in our amazing range of scheduling options. Once you register, a schedule will be emailed to you. If the schedule sent works for you, you are all set! Your swim instructor will be at your home at the times and dates determined. You are matched with an instructor based on your location, available times and age range. We strive to match you with your ideal instructor, but, we do understand that not everyone clicks. Our goal is to provide an instructor that works for the students progress. That said, you may request a new instructor via email to the office staff.

 Meet Our Instructors!

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Click here to Register for Classes

Why is Swimming With My Baby Important?

Article Via: Houston Swim Club

Along with your child’s safety in and around water, we want to promote their confidence. Getting your child familiar with the water at a young age decreases the chance that they will have trouble around it later in life. Your child should have a healthy respect for water and learn the dangers and challenges that come with it. We teach your child how to hold their breath, where their “safe zones” are, how to change directions in the water, etc. All of these are life saving skills that could be used to help others or themselves at some point.

Hollywood swim instructors service the following areas: