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Mobile Swim Lessons That Come To You In Parkland, Florida!

Florida Swim Company offers swim lessons that arrive right to your door! Our certified instructors teach all ages, including infants, toddler, children, adults and special needs. Whether you are looking to learn the basics or perfect your stroke, we can help you! Our knowledgeable staff will help you achieve your goals in the water AT YOUR PACE! Are group lessons just not working for you? Having swim lessons in a group can be overwhelming and hard for every student to get the attention they require. We believe that every student learns differently, so swim programs are designed based on where the student is at the first lesson, and where they want to be. While focusing on water safety, fun is also incorporated into lessons!

Is Time A Problem For You?

No worries! Florida Swim Company makes booking and scheduling your lessons as easy as possible! We provide lessons every day of the week from 8AM to 8PM! There is a time slot for everyone! Once you register online, watch out of an email from us containing a draft schedule. You are matched with an instructor that has availability on the same days and times you do. Upon approval, we will book you with your instructor and send you a confirmation email. All you have to do after that is show up!

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14 Things That Lifeguards Wish You Knew:

Lifeguard’s are there for your safety. All of their knowledge and training could save a life… or better…. YOUR life! Here are some things they wish you knew.

At-Home Swim Lessons are available in Parkland and surrounding areas, including: