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Stop Dragging The Kids Back and Forth to Swim Lessons in Boynton Beach, Florida – Florida Swim Company Brings Swim Class to You!

Driving kids all over Boynton Beach for swimming lessons is draining – traffic, wet clothes, inconvenient class times. Skip all that stress and let Florida Swim Company send you a private swim instructor to teach swim lessons in your very own pool!

We strive to provide the most affordable and convenient private lessons for our swim customers. Being surrounded by all kinds of body of water, swim lessons are a must have with all Boynton Families. Drowning happens without a sound, but formal swim instruction reduces the likelihood of drowning by 88%. Which is why it is so important for us to make swimming lessons a painless process for families.

What time are classes? You tell us when you want us to come teach! Our swim teachers are available every day from sunrise to sunset.

Private swimming lessons help students learn fast! Your private swim instructor is certified and trained by the best – The American Red Cross or The American Heart Association. Instructors hold numerous certifications in CPR, First Aid, Basic Life Support for Adults & Infants, Lifeguarding, Water Safety Instruction, Water Aerobics and Certified Pool Operation.

When you are assigned your swim instructor, you will receive a full biography of that instructor’s certifications and experience. Your private swim instructor will personalize a swim curriculum based on the student’s goals and personal needs. No student gets lost in the crowd with us, because our attention is solely focused on them!

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Private Swim Lessons for Kids in Boynton Beach

Click on your child’s age group to read more about the different types of swimming skills we teach:

Private Swim Lessons for Adults in Boynton Beach

Florida Swim Company offers 3 different swim lessons for adults, based on the type of swimming goals you desire. Adult Swim Lessons are designed for beginners. Stroke Refinement & Coaching are for our intermediate to advanced swimmers. We also offer Private Water Aerobics Instructors who will come to your home pool for a personalized water exercise class.

Private Lessons for Special Needs Students in Boynton Beach

Florida Swim Company offers swim lessons for those with special needs and disabilities. Many of our instructors are highly trained to work with students on the autism spectrum, those with sensory challenges, and physical limitations.

Special Needs Swim Lessons


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Water Safety FAQs

Source: Association Between Swimming Lessons and Drowning in Childhood – A Case Study

    • Students learn at a much quicker pace in private lessons because the entire lesson time is focused on them – not a group.
    • Drowning is the leading cause of death of children under the age of 4, in the United States.
    • More than half (54%) of the adult population do not posses simple swimming skills.
    • Children are only 13% likely to swim if their parents don’t know how to swim
    • For every child that drowns, it is estimated that 4 children are hospitalized for near-drownings.
    • Drowning is completely preventable – swim lessons decrease risk of drowning by 88%.


Private, in-home swim lessons are available in Boynton Beach and surrounding cities, including: