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Private Swim Lessons in Your Home Pool Available in Miami Gardens!

Does your child know how to swim? Swimming is a great skill that should be learned as early in life as possible! Florida Swim Company offers swim lessons to infants, toddler, children, adults and special needs! With flexible scheduling times and the privacy of your own pool, you are sure to excel at the craft! Whether you are a novice swimmer, just learning, or an expert with a mission to perfect your stroke, we can help! Once you register, you will be matched with one of our wonderful and knowledgeable instructors. The matching process depends on location and physical ability, but you are welcome to browse our instructors via the “Instructors” tab. Once matched with an instructor, you will be on your way to your swim goals! Your instructor will show up to your residence on the times and days previously determined to teach your swim lessons!

Not Enough Time?

Do you believe you don’t have enough time to schedule swim lessons? We understand busy schedules, as ours can become very booked at times! That is why Florida Swim Company offers flexible scheduling. Our swim lessons are available any day that you are; That means every day of the week, including weekends. Once you register online, a Florida Swim Company staff member will contact you via email to set up a schedule. When a perfect schedule is set, we will provide you with information about your instructor! That’s all! Just be home at the dates and times on the schedule and you’re all set!

Meet Our Miami Gardens Instructors!

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