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Private Swim Instructors Teach The Life-Saving Skill of Swimming in Oneco!

Learning to swim is a right of passage in a child’s life. Swimming does not always have to be limited to childhood, though. Florida Swim Company offers private swim lessons to infants, toddlers, children, adults and special needs! Our experienced swim instructors teach you the basics of swimming and improve upon struggle areas. As with anything, swimming privately helps aid the swimmer faster. This is why Florida Swim Company only offers private and semi-private swim lessons. The best part? We come straight to your door. No more trying to get the kids to swim lessons in rush hour traffic. You can be at ease knowing that your certified and reliable swim instructor will come to your home pool for lessons! All of our swim instructors are certified through the American Red Cross or an institution of the same accreditation. Your private swim instructor may be certified in one or more of the following: WSI, AED/CPR, first aid, water aerobics, lifeguard or CPO. Here at Florida Swim Company, we take swimming seriously! We understand that swimming is fun, but it also poses a great danger; That is why pool safety is integrated into swim lessons. Our amazing instructors will get you to your goals…. SAFELY!

“This Sounds Great, But I Don’t Think I Can Fit Swim Lessons into My Schedule”

Florida Swim Company knows that life can get crazy sometimes. We provide swim lessons every day from 8:00am-8:00pm so everyone who needs swim lessons, can participate! Some of our instructors are even available on weekends, just ask! The online registration is easy and takes minutes to fill out! Once your registration is in, a FSC staff member will email you with a draft schedule. When the perfectly balanced schedule emerges, you will get a confirmation email and be on your way to learning this amazing life-long skill! We want this process to be as easy as possible, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! The chat box on our website is always open!

Click here to Register for Classes

Click here to Register for Classes

5 Simple Bathtub Tips!

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1. Watch your little one!

Something can happen to your child in a split second. Always keep your eye on your baby and make sure they are not getting into anything they’re not supposed to. Also, straps and assistance tools can unbuckle or slip easily! Make sure your baby is in a secure position and NEVER take your eyes off of them.

2. Slips & Falls

The bathroom is usually slippery at bath time; what with all the water and soap everywhere! You can purchase a no-slip liner for your bathtub that could help prevent a fall.

3. Water Temperature

Make sure the bath water is not too hot or cold for your baby. Test the water on your arm before you put baby in it. The water should be warm, not hot!

4. Medicine and Toiletry Storage

As with any type of storage, make sure the storage in your bathroom is locked! Medicine especially needs to be stored up high and out of baby’s reach. Tooth pastes and shampoo need to be locked in a cabinet so your baby cannot get into them!

5. Electric Appliances

Things such as hot irons, blow dryers and razors can easily be unplugged and thrown near or in water. Make sure these are up high and in a locked cabinet so your baby cannot see or get to them. Because we all know… water + electricity = Disaster!!

Private, at home swim lessons in are available throughout Manatee County cities including:

  • Holmes Beach
  • Bradenton Beach
  • Palma Sola
  • West Bradenton
  • Samoset
  • Oneco
  • Bayshore Gardens
  • Whitfield
  • Memphis
  • Palmetto
  • Ellenton
  • Lakewood Ranch
  • Sarasota
  • Long Boat Key