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Learn to Swim in an Individualized Class with a Private Swim Instructor from Florida Swim Company

Do you want your kids to learn to swim, but worry that the stress of a big group class will discourage them? Are you concerned that your children won’t receive the attention they need to refine their swim strokes from a reliable teacher? If so, consider scheduling lessons with a private swim instructor from Florida Swim Company.

What Makes Private Lessons a Better Option Than Group Classes?

Private Swim Instructor Orlando FLChildren tend to feel more comfortable when working one-on-one with a private swim instructor, as opposed to becoming overwhelmed in a large group class. In a personalized lesson, students often end up learning more and improving faster while also having fun. Our private classes are:

  • Individualized – With only one child to focus on, your private swim instructor will be able to cater the class to your child’s comfort level and skillset, unlike in a group class where the teacher has multiple students at varying skill levels to accommodate.
  • Consistent – Your child’s lessons will all be taught by the same instructor so they can get to know and trust their teacher, helping your kids feel safer and more confident in the water.
  • Convenient – Since your child is the only one involved in the lesson, classes can be scheduled at a time that works best for your family.

Private Swimming Lessons with Florida Swim Company

When you choose Florida Swim Company for your child’s swim classes, you’ll be able to set up their lessons at your own pool, a nearby community pool, or your local instructor’s own pool from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. any day of the week. Plus, they’ll be learning from the best as all of our instructors are Red Cross-certified, heavily background checked, experienced working with children, and truly passionate about teaching proper swimming techniques.

Contact Florida Swim Company today to learn more about our private swim instructors in the Orlando area, or to schedule your child’s classes. We also offer adult lessons for beginners and those looking to sharpen existing skills, so you can dive in too!