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Swim Lessons That Come To You Available in Pompano Beach!

Are group lessons just not working for you or your child? Look no further than Florida Swim Company! We teach all ages, from infants and toddlers, to children and adults of all skill levels and needs, how to swim! The best part? We come straight to your home pool. No worrying about making it to lessons on time with all that traffic. Our certified instructors show up to your home ready to teach you or your children. Some instructor incorporate games into their swim lesson curriculum, so lessons never get boring! All of our instructors are certified through the American Red Cross or an association equivalent.

Do You Not Have Time For Swim Lessons?

Florida Swim Company offers swim lessons from 8am-8pm, every day. Even the busiest of people can fit us into their schedules! Once you register, look out for an email from a Florida Swim Company staff member. That email will include a draft schedule for you or your little ones’ lessons. Once you confirm a schedule, you’re all set! Just be home at the times designated on your schedule and one of our knowledgeable instructors will show to teach you!

Meet Our Pompano Beach Instructors

                                Patricia “Patti”                                                                           Jessica

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