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Private, Mobile Swim Lessons Available in Plantation, FL!

Swimming is one of the most important skills you will ever learn. It can save a life and prepare you for most water situations you may encounter throughout your lifetime. Do you want to learn how to swim? Florida Swim Company offers an easy and affordable way to obtain this skill. Our certified swim instructors come straight to you to teach mobile swim lessons. Each of our instructors are thoroughly background checked and certified through the American Red Cross or an equivalent organization. You or your little one will learn more than you thought possible with our simple swim programs. The first lesson, your swim instructor will assess where you are in your swim journey and ask you where you would like to be. Once your goals are clearly laid out, the instructor will design a program, uniquely tailored to your home pool, that will teach you the necessary skills.

No Time For Swim Lessons?

Lots of people say this and Florida Swim Company has come up with a solution! Swim Lessons every day of the week… yes, that means weekends too! We understand that you have busy schedules, especially with kids! Once you fill out the online registration, a staff member will email you. This email will contain a draft swim schedule for you or your child(ren). Once approved by you, the swim instructor will show up to the address provided on the days pre-determined.

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 Learning To Swim is a Process, Not an Event!

Article Via: Houston Swim Club

At first, your child may be upset when in the water. Most younger children get upset because they are doing something that they do not want to do…yet! The goal of swim lessons is to teach children life-saving skills over time. Learning to swim doesn’t happen over night, but with practice and repetition, your child can be swimming in no time! Each student is different. This means it takes different amounts of time for each child to learn different skills. This is not to be mistaken for failure, but encouraged with positive reinforcement that they can, in fact, do it! Teaching at each child’s pace allows the instructor to bond with your child and for your child to build up trust with a new person! Learning to swim doesn’t just go away, so whether you are learning slowly or progressing like a fish, you are learning an amazing life-long skill!

Plantation swim instructors service the following areas: