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Private, Mobile Swim Lessons Available in Tequesta, FL!

Are group lessons just not working for you? Do you wish you could have swim lessons in the privacy of your own home? Look no further than Florida Swim Company! Our certified and knowledgeable instructors come right to your home pool to teach swim lessons! No more having to worry about traffic getting to your lessons or even about leaving the comfort of your home! We teach students at all skill levels, too! From the novice to the expert, we have a swim class for everyone! Games are added to swim lessons to make sure the student is having fun! Cool pool toys, such as kick boards, dive rings and noodles may also be added so your lessons are never boring!

Do You Not Have Time For Swim Lessons?

We know what you’re thinking: That sounds great, but I could never find the time for swim lessons! Don’t fret! Florida Swim Company offers swim lessons from 8 am to 8 pm, so you can find a perfect schedule that works with you! We understand life can get hectic, that’s why we make the scheduling process as painless as possible! Once you register and we find a schedule that works, you’re all set! You don’t have to do anything further!

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Drop The Floaties!

Floaties are dangerous and give children a false sense of security in the water. Just say no!!

Tequesta swim instructors teach in home swimming lessons in the following cities: