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Private, Mobile Swim Lessons Available In Margate, FL!

Florida Swim Company offers swim lessons that come to you! Is your child stagnant in group lessons? Do you hate going out of the house during rush hour, just to get them to swim lessons? We have the solution! We offer swim lessons that come to your home! Florida Swim Company services all major cities in Florida and has certified and knowledgeable instructors! Our instructors focus on safety in and around the pool! We want you or your child to know what to do in case of a slip and fall situation! We teach ALL ages; Infants, toddlers, children, adults, and special needs! Whether you are looking to work on your stroke, or learn the basics of swimming, we have classes for all skill types! Fun is incorporated into our lessons via dive rings, kick boards and other cool pool toys! Your child may learn to float, tread water, switch swimming directions, dive for rings, blow bubbles, monkey walk and SO much more! Come learn with us today!

No Time?

No problem! Florida Swim Company offers mobile swim lessons from 8 AM to 8 PM every day of the week! You need lessons on a Tuesday at noon? We can do that! You don’t get home on Friday’s till 6:00pm? We got you covered! It’s easy to register, and once you do, look out for an email from a staff member with a draft schedule! Once your perfect schedule is decided, you’re booked and all you have to do is be home on the dates and times on the schedule agreed upon!

Come join the fun and sign up! Click Below:

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Remember To Stay Safe!

Floaties are not life-saving devices! If they pop, your little one is not safe! As soon as your child can walk, get them in swim lessons! You will be happy you did.


Via National Drowning Prevention Association

  1. Always supervise children in and around the water
  2. Never swim alone
  3. Don’t dive or jump into water that you can’t see through
  4. Never turn your back to the ocean
  5. Don’t depend on floating toys to keep you safe
  6. Children and non-swimmers should always wear life jackets in open water
  7. Don’t prolong the time you hold your breath underwater
  8. Swim only in designated swim areas
  9. Don’t leave toys or other floatables in an unsupervised pool

Private, in-home swim lessons are available in Margate and surrounding cities, including: