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At-Home, Mobile Swim Lessons Available in Juno Ridge, FL

Have you been wanting to get swim lessons, but don’t want the hassle of having to drive to a group class? Look no further than Florida Swim Company! We offer an array of mobile swim classes. Our certified instructors come to your home pool to teach private lessons. Their routines are based off the set up of your pool and are tailored to be fun! Drills and games are added to keep you on your toes! We offer classes to all ages, including: Infants, Toddlers, Children. Adults and Special Needs. Swimming is a great, life-long skill to learn and perfect! We help you meet  and surpass your goals in the water!

Do You Think You Don’t Have Time?

Florida Swim Company offers swim lessons from 8 am to 8 pm every day. Even the busiest of people find time to fit our lessons in! Once you register, an office staff member will contact you within 24 hour with a draft schedule. Once you find the perfect schedule for you, you’re all set; You do not have to do anything further! An instructor will come to your home on the days and times scheduled to teach you or your children private swim lessons

Are you ready to take a leap of faith and learn to swim with Florida Swim Company? Click below to schedule your lessons today!

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Ditch The Floaties and Start Swimming!

You child will discover a new found confidence without floaties falsely holding them up!

Juno Ridge swim instructors teach in home swimming lessons in the following cities: