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Private, At-Home Mobile Swim Lessons Available in Coral Springs, FL!

Do you need swim lessons on your time? Florida Swim Company offers mobile swim lessons that come right to your door! Our certified instructors focus on water safety and swim techniques. We prepare you or your child for an accidental fall. Using fun activities and drills so lessons never get boring, our instructors work at the students pace teaching the vital skill of swimming! Whether you want to get used to being in and around the water, or you want to perfect your strokes, we provide the training needed to get you to your goal!

No Time For Swim Lessons?

We beg to differ! Even the busiest of people can squeeze in swim lessons with our easy scheduling process. Once your register, a FSC team member will send you an email with a draft schedule. Upon approval of said schedule, you’re booked! An instructor will show up on the dates and times provided to teach you or your children swim lessons!

Meet Some Of Our Coral Springs Instructors

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At-Home Swim Lessons are available in Coral Springs and surrounding areas, including: